Welcome to Art by Trina

Thanks for visiting.  This is where I plan on showing the world my creative side.


Since I was a young girl I have been creative and artistic.   So I turned to a career as a professional hair stylist.  I have been doing this for 25 years.  I became a colour technician, and worked in some great salons.  The problem with being a great artistic hairstylist it is not easy to give or show your art to the world.  I had lots of very satisfied clients, but in about a months time it grew, and my art was changed. Sure, they loved what I did, and I truly received great satisfaction from that.  Probably why I still do it and have been doing it for such a long time.  So after awhile I started up my own hair studio. Which I still have, but I am choosing to slow down.  I still absolutely love people.

Well, I got a nice new shed and turned it into a “She Shed” on our property…  And, it turns out I can paint.  I have a young girl and I was crafting with her, of course…. And I would sometimes play with her kid paints…. Huh, it looks pretty good.  Put it on Facebook and my friends loved it… WHAT,  it’s on crapy paper with kids paints… Here’s is my first picture with kids paints in a very short time frame as kids loose attention fast.


I absolutely love to paint. This “She Shed” has blossomed to a painting shack… Lol.   So this site is to show some art and my photography which is another creative I love and love to share.

Please enjoy, and love Art.  Remember Art speaks to each person differently.  One piece will inspire one and not so the other.

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